Carpet Fiber Types

Consumers often find it hard to choose a perfect carpet for their home. This is because of the many fibers that are used in the manufacture of carpets. Many people do not know anything about fiber materials. Below is a list of the different carpet fibers, their benefits, and disadvantages.


It is also known as a synthetic polymer. It is a petroleum product and, therefore, its price depends on the cost of oil. It is the most popular carpet fiber sold.


It ranks number one when it comes to durability. It can stand up under heavy conditions of wear and tear. They are the best 6th generation carpets with warranties against staining or fading.


If the oil cost is high, the carpet will be expensive. Some consumers have allergies to petroleum products and cheaper nylons are prone to stains.


It is made from a polyolefin, such as polyethylene or polypropylene, and it is a synthetic fiber. It contains less weight than other carpets and it is bulkier in construction.


It resists mildew and fading. It is great in places where other carpets fade, high-moisturized areas and places that are likely to be prone to stains such as rooms that get lots of sunlight. Carpets made from olefin cannot be damaged when cleaned with powerful cleaning agents. It is also fire resistant. The best suitable places for olefin carpets are rooms that are next to the pool, basement, baby’s room, or moisturized rooms.


They are not durable as 6th generation nylons but work well with consumers who need less expensive options. Berber carpets are the most popular Olefin carpets because they do not mat down as fast compared as Plush carpets made of Olefin.

Pet Polyester

It consists of recycled products e.g. plastic bottles. It is one of the eco-friendly carpets available in the market.


Its price is low. It is known to be stable, stain resistant, and strong. Moderate traffic rooms are good for the Pet polyester. It is fire resistant. Pet polyester is also used as an electric insulator, a fact many people do not know.


It mats down and crushes easily.


It is a synthetic fiber material, which was first made by DuPont.


It is moisture and stain resistant. It is also easy to wash. Without the cost of wool, many people attribute its texture to that of wool. For sunny rooms, an acrylic carpet is the best choice. Acrylic carpets cannot fade due to sunlight exposure. They also cannot attract static electricity.


Some Acrylic fibers are not easily dyed. They begin to look a little fuzzy with extreme wear.


It is a fiber obtained from goats, sheep, alpaca, rabbits, and camels.


It is a moisture absorber. It can absorb moisture up to one-third of its weight. It also absorbs sounds. It is the most expensive but the best quality there is in the carpet industry. Compared to most fibers, it is softer. It is crush and stain-resistant and does not fade easily. It can endure wear and tear. It is resistant to fire and will not drip or melt. It forces dirt up towards the core of the carpet instead of taking it to the core as other fibers do, thereby resisting it (dirt). It resists static electricity as well.


If not properly maintained, it can incur permanent damage.

The above are the types of carpet fibers. If you are unable to choose the best carpet, now you have an idea of what to choose depending on your intended place of use.

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